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Tha Leg’cast episode 13 – Masturbation and Bacon beer
Time-length-icon 1h 11m
Publish-date-icon February 16, 2013
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This is the biggest Episode every, Trip is joined by H and Chicko Roll aswell as Stevo, Ranga and The Bossman to talk about all things dirty, funny and just plain wrong.

SEGMENT 1: Wisdom Words


SEGMENT 2: The Way It IS

1. Aussie man has a wank gets caught by Girlfriend she smakes up the mother in-law.

2. School janitor gets done for sex at school.

3. Wife caught on home sex tape, kid walks in and people are upset.

4. Kids at Canadian school toilets get rashs on their butts from cleaning products, still trying to work out why one boy has rash on elbows.

5. Pre-op transsexual trys to force girl into rape dungeon (True story)

6. nudest found not guilty after getting caught rubbing Eczema cream on his junk in public.

7. Bubble Wrap saves falling man.

8. German cookie monster returns golden cookie after kids at hospital receive ransom of cookies.

9. Chinese new bride burns husband alive in bed because he didnt wash his feet.

10. Politician claims people that drink beer and watch porn should not be able to vote

11. Hogs back beer, brew beer with bacon (the gang have a taste of Trip's bacon home brew)

12. Man goes for job interveiw, but gets caught having a wank.

13. Very cute 18 year old gets arrested after giving 9 year old hickeys.

14. Former fat chick planes to have kid and kive it away just to get a tummy tuck.

15. Couple have up to 100 coffee enemas a month.

16. Prisoner busted for having mobile phone up his ass while getting search, when the phone rings.


SEGMENT 3: Doing It Doggy Style

Man Dies befor he can go to trail for sex with a horse

SEGMENT 4: Pissed Off Bro

Shopping isle etiquette

SEGMENT 5: Youtube homies

Smash Smash Smash


Smash Smash Smash auto tune remix



Wheel barrow race win


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